[K-POP] New boy group Demion introduce themselves through video teaser for debut song 'Confess'

LrgnNChrg, Sept. 25, 2013, 12:24 p.m.

There's a new boy group Demion to the K-pop scene! The boys released a video teaser for their debut song "Confess" to get us ready for their official debut!

In the video teaser we get a glimpse of Demion's five members including Yoon, Sun, Nakhun, Hegeun and Sangbum, who have been getting their name out there unofficially by performing at various events.

Demion shared, "Starting with our debut song 'Confess', Demion is ready to take on various challenges. As much as this is our first step as a rookie group, we will work hard to become artists recognized by everyone."

The boys will make their official debut on the 27th. Meanwhile check out their MV teaser with a special appearance by Wassup's Wooju.

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