New Champ Teases with Yahage Music Video Teaser

kpopluv, April 9, 2014, 9:31 a.m.

Koogle TV brought you this story earlier this week, when New Champ released a sexy image teaser of three female muses.  Click here for more details.  New Champ is back with a music video teaser for fans awaiting his debut!  

In his previous image teaser release, he had written this statement, "Finally, my single is coming out in the middle of April.  Three girls, each from different girl groups, made my MV shine. Who might they be?"

Unfortunately, fans will have to wait for April 15th for the full music video release of Yahage.  Fellow artists Kim Bum Joo and Ji Hee Pil both participated in the production of the song.  

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