New Comedy Featuring Dennis Rodman and His Travels to the ‘Dark Side’

kpopluv, Feb. 25, 2014, 4:40 p.m.

Dennis Rodman has done many things with his life, and his recent travels to North Korea will eventually be seen on the big screen coming soon.  The retired NGA star has had many ‘vacations’ to the country, partying with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. Many Americans raised eyebrows with shock and disbelief for some situations that Rodman has gotten into in the past, but just some just can’t believe his recent actions while visiting the country.

Tales of Rodman’s adventures will be turned into a comedy, with 20th Century Fox and director Tim Story behind the development. The feature will focus on Rodman’s and Kim’s friendship, as well as the development of the so-called basketball diplomacy, “Hoops Policy.”


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