New girl group LipBubble accused of plagiarizing TWICE's concept and choreography

Nancy Oh, March 29, 2017, 4:16 p.m.

New girl group LipBubble is being criticized for copying TWICE's concept and even choreography.

The 7 members of LipBubble recently debuted with the song "Popcorn", looking cute and bubbly in cheerleader outfits. 

The cheerleader look is not new in K-Pop. In fact, it's been used in the past by girl groups like Girls' Generation and TWICE.

However, netizens expressed discontent at the great similarity between LipBubble and TWICE's concept for "Cheer Up". The outfits, poses, colors, and other characteristics of "Popcorn" are criticized of looking extremely similar to TWICE.

Even LipBubble's choreography is being criticized for supposedly copying TWICE's moves in "Knock Knock".

Top netizen comments are, "Hul, they're exactly the same..", "??? It's too similar", "Is this noise marketing?",  "Seriously, what are they doing", "It's the same", "Hul, I thought it was TWICE when I first looked at it."

Do you think LipBubble copied TWICE?

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