New Palawan Lineup for 'Laws of the Jungle' Include Kim Jae Hwan, Cosmic GIrls Dayoung, and Lovelyz Jeong Ye In

Jay Yim, Jan. 8, 2020, 11:24 a.m.

Various media outlets have revealed that a new lineup for SBS' Laws of the Jungle includes Kim Jae Hwan, Dayoung of Cosmic Girls, Jeong Ye In of Lovelyz, and more.

Some time in mid-January, the three idols will be departing for Palawan, and will join chief Kim Byung Man for a new jungle adventure. While each idols' respective bandmates have made appearances on the show, this will be the first time for all three of them.

In related news, Laws of the Jungle will be celebrating their 400th episode anniversary this coming February.

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