[NEWS] Seoul Taxi Driver to be Sentenced for Illegally Broadcasting Conversations

D-Bo, Sept. 30, 2013, 8:21 p.m.

A Seoul city taxi driver has been suspended and charged with a six month sentence for illegally broadcasting recorded footage of passengers. Seen above is a photo from a broadcast with ‘Korea’s Daughter’ IU.

The taxi driver has been identified as 42 year old Lim. Authorities did not release the full name of the driver. He began his broadcasts on a hosted website called Afreeca. During these broadcasts, Lim is seen interacting with his passengers, and even sings with them.

He has been sued for failing to follow the privacy protection act by not notifying the passengers that they were on a live broadcast.  The plaintiff stated, “He was broadcasting without my consent, which I did not appreciate.”

The Korean Court ruled in favor of the plaintiff and charged Lim with a six month suspended prison sentence, two years probation, and his license will be suspended for six months. During the process, the court stated, “Any sort of private conversations with others must not be recorded, listened to, disclosed or divulged.”

Lim’s show, E Taxi, went viral among the Korean community and was able to attract more than a million viewers. The show took a turn for the better when Korean singer IU stumbled upon the broadcasting cab and agreed to sing for the stream. Luckily for Lim, he notified IU of the broadcast at the time. 

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