[NEWS] World’s first Invisible Skyscraper gets the Green Light

D-Bo, Sept. 13, 2013, 1:12 p.m.

GDS Architects has announced that the Tower Infinity, located near Incheon Airport at, has gotten the green light.  Charles Wee of GDS Architects explained in a statement that the company wanted to “provide the World’s first invisible tower, showcasing innovative Korean technology.”

The 450 meter tall building’s façade will be equipped with LED projectors and cameras.  The cameras capture images of the areas surrounding the building and re-display them via LED projectors.  As a result, the building will appear to be “invisible”. 


In addition to the appearance of invisibility, the tower will also house an observation deck that would be the third highest in the world.  Plans also include shops, restaurants, movie theatres and a water park.

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