N.Flying Release The Music Video Dance Version Of The Song 'The Real'

Michelle Cho, Aug. 23, 2017, 10:23 a.m.

How fun is this! N.Flying have finally released their dance version of their latest song "The Real"! The dance music video itself is a very quirky, fun version of "The Real". This version of the music video commences with each of the individual boys introducing themselves in a fun way! After the quick introductions, the boys immediately start their fun dance. The original music video has many similiarities to this version, as the boys have a fun way to express themselves!

N.Flying is a rock/rap band that was comprised by FNC Entertainment back in 2013. The group has five members in total including Kwon Kwang Jin, Lee Seung Hyub, Kim Jae Hyun, Cha Hun, and Yoo Hwe Seung!

Check out the fun dance version below!

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