N.Flying Releases Cool Lifestyle Photoshoot with “Nylon” Magazine

Ben Cho, Nov. 21, 2015, 12:46 p.m.

The group N.Flying has just released their newest photoshoot from “Nylon” magazine, and they look very cool and charismatic in the shots! The photos showcase the group hanging out in a parking lot, chilling inside and out of the car, as they battled the windy weather, and the staff noted that the group was incredibly focused and would not let anything break their flow of concentration.


In the interview the group was asked about their first impressions and who they wanted to meet the most. The group showed that they were just simple, happy go lucky guys. They were asked about music and their future and it turned serious in a very good way, just like the professional musicians that they are. See more of the group in the December issue of “Nylon” magazine!

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