Nicole Releases Fanclub Name and "First Romance" Mini Album Jacket Photo

SWAG-tastic Voyage, Nov. 12, 2014, 10:12 a.m.

Nicole has just released her album jacket cover photo and the official name of her fanclub! The solo mini-album will be titled "First Romance", and the name of her fanclub will be "Colling" (a mixture of Nicole and Calling)!

Even though more details haven't been revealed yet, music sites are listing that there will be a total of six tracks to be expected in the mini-album, and is rumored to be produced by Sweetune. Fans are eagerly waiting for more info regarding the upcoming release, and Nicole decided to write her fans a handwritten letter to help them cope with the wait.

The letter states, "Fans~<3 How are you? It's Nicole! It's my first handwritten letter for you... But my handwriting... is honestly... not that great, right? The image teaser video for my solo debut 1st mini album has finally been unveiled! Jjak jjak jjak*! How was it? Please look forward to the other teaser and MV to be released~ I think I've really been full of worries as I prepared this album. Since a big part of me wants to do well, it was on the break of poisoning me [having an adverse effect] ㅠㅅㅠ. But it is an album that I also participated a lot in so I don't have any regrets and hope that you like it. I took on a lot of challenges and changes. That is why I think I'm even more nervous~ ㅠㅅㅠ. Please look forward to it~

Also! The name for my fanclub has been confirmed to be 'Colling'! With this fan-made name, let's be together through and through like one family~<3 We will finally meet next week. My heart can't sit still >-< Be careful of catching a cold until then and let's meet with a healthy and happy image! I love you~ I <3 you - Nicole - Always smile:D.

P.S. Fighting on your college entrance exams!"

In related news, Nicole will be releasing her second music video teaser clip on November 14th, before her 1st mini-album and solo debut release which is set for November 19th.

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