Nine Muses to Disband Towards the End of this Month After Fanmeeting

BanSeok Shin, Feb. 11, 2019, 10:24 a.m.

Sad news for fans of the girl group Nine Muses as the group will officially be disbanding at towards the end of February. The group's agency, Star Empire Entertainment, made the announcement earlier today (February 11th) stating that due to ending contracts the agency, after long discussions with the group members, has decided to stop Nine Muses' promotions and disband the group. The agency apologized to fans and afterwards said that he group will release their last single 'REMEMBER' on February 14th and on the 24th will have their last fan meeting which shares the same title. Star Empire thanks fans for their support of Nine Muses and thanks the group for being the best artist. The remaining members of the group will go on as solo artists with different agencies. Nine Muses will be disbanding almost nine years after their debut. Thank you girls for your hard work and all the memories!


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