N.Korea 'Would Only Give Nuclear Details to Trump'

Jay Yim, May 24, 2019, 9:30 a.m.

Christopher Hill, the former U.S. point man in failed six-party nuclear talks with North Korea, on Wednesday said the North refused to reveal details of its nuclear program to U.S. officials ahead of the last bilateral summit and insisted on discussing them only with President Donald Trump.

"What I heard about the Yongbyon proposal is that they did not provide details and wanted only to give the details to President Trump," Hill told Voice of America.

"The North Koreans really would not give any details to see [Special Representative for North Korea Stephen] Biegun. They insisted they want to give all the details to Trump, because they thought that they had a better chance cutting a deal with Trump."

Meanwhile, the Seoul bureau chief of Japan's Asahi Shimbun daily told Radio Free Asia the same day that U.S. and South Korean intelligence officials estimate there are "at least 300 nuclear-related facilities" in North Korea.

Yoshihiro Makino said they include uranium mines, nuclear test sites and weapons factories. He added that uranium-enrichment facilities alone number around 10.

The remarks came in response to yet another spurious claim from Trump, who told Fox News on Sunday there are "five" nuclear sites in the North.

"When I left Vietnam where we had the summit, I said to [North Korean leader Kim Jong-un] -- and I think very importantly I said, 'Look you're not ready for a deal,' because he wanted to get rid of one or two sites, but he has five sites," Trump said.

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