No Min Woo & SM Entertainment Legal Battle Ensues

LAtte, June 29, 2015, 10:26 a.m.

And the drama continues, as former TRAX member No Min Woo continues to fight against SM Entertainment. Investigation has officially begun for the No Min Woo versus SM Entertainment case as the Seoul Federal Trade Commission recently summoned the actor to get his side of the dispute, and vice versa for SM.

No Min Woo, a former member of the SM Entertainment-produced rock group TRAX, initiated the legal battle against the entertainment spearhead on the grounds of forcing him into a "slave contract" and for blackballing him on broadcasts after his official leave from the group. No Min Woo left the rock band after only two years after their debut, due to his concerns with his contract. No Min Woo revealed the unfair "slave contract" that he was tied to, as well as issues regarding distribution of profit.

No Min Woo's legal representative commented, "SM enforced a contract spanning 17 years on No Min Woo. When he broke apart from SM after much difficulty, they tried to ban him from appearing on all broadcast networks."

An SM Entertainment representative refuted the claims, stating, "We will fight back against these groundless claims and accusations with the law."

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