Noh Hong Chul Says He Has No Immediate Plans to Return To Industry

D-Bo , April 23, 2015, 10:30 a.m.

Comedian and MC Noh Hong Chul has been on hiatus from the entertainment industry since his DUI incident last November.  In the latest May issue of Woman Sense, the former “Infinite Challenge” cast member shares about his plans for the future.

He says, “Ever since ‘Infinity Challenge’ launched its ‘Sixth Man‘ project, I have received a lot of questions about my comeback. Currently, I don’t have any plans to return to the industry. Although I do enjoy working in the entertainment field, I have other interests as well, and I’m still contemplating what to do in the future. Once again, I would like to apologize to any fans who are disappointed.”

“I recently started working out after putting on some weight. I ride the bike everywhere,” he added, and apologized to his fans for keeping a low profile, “I’m very sorry for rejecting the people who recognize me and ask for a photo.”

Noh Hong Chul is a South Korean entertainer and entrepreneur.  No Hong-chul studied mechanical engineering at the Hongik University. After finishing his mandatory two-year military service, he created his online fashion malls, and Dream and Adventurous Hongchul-Land Corporation, selling a range of party supplies. He had another business called Hongchul Tour which provided budget trips in China; sometimes he personally guided his customers during these trips.

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