Noh Min Hyuk's electronic-pop group Ash Gray release MV for new song 'The Little Prince'

Jimmy Pak, Jan. 16, 2014, 10:39 a.m.

Ash Gray, electronic pop band, has just released a new MV featuring guitarist Noh Min Hyuk from Click B.  The MV is from their new song ‘The Little Prince’ and is the group’s first comeback since the joining of new member Bruzi, replacing former member Ma Hyun Kwon. 

Noh Min Hyuk is the main focus in the new MV.  Noh showcase his acting ability by capturing the emotions of a young prince who is on vacation and becomes an adult.  Noh even strips down to his underwear for an artist scene in the MV.   The video was directed by LLIJE,  composed by member DJ PLO, and the lyrics written by Noh Min Hyuk. 

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