North Korea Divides South Korea in 4 parts

Lexi Kim, Aug. 16, 2017, 9:29 a.m.

A map in a North Korean photo shows South Korea divided into four sections in case of a missile strike by the North.

The North appears to have set targets in South Korea according to the ranges of its Scud and Rodong missiles, which are 300 to 500 km and 1,300 km.

The North's official Korean Central News Agency on Tuesday published a photo of leader Kim Jong-un being briefed by Kim Rak-gyom, commander of the Strategic Rocket Forces, with three maps in the background -- of South Korea, Japan and the Pacific Ocean. 

The map of South Korea has three lines dividing the country into four parts -- one line demarcating the border area, the second stretching down to Uljin and Pohang in North Gyeongsang Province, and a third down even further to the southern port city of Busan.

Lettering at the end of each line appears to name a type of North Korean missile, but the letters are too blurry to make out.

Also shown are satellite photos of what appears to be the Andersen Air Force Base in Guam.

Another map in front of Kim is headlined "Strike Plan of Strategic Rocket Forces" and shows a line from North Korea to Guam believed to be the trajectory of Hwasong-12 mid-range ballistic missile. The origin of the line is Sinpo, near South Hamgyong Province where the North's submarine bases are located.

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