North Korea is also on the K-pop fever.

Yumi Kim , Dec. 27, 2017, 10:45 a.m.

It appears that we are currently embarking a new wave, Hallyu wave 2.0. In comparison to the first wave, this Hallyu wave is quite bigger and extending into new places that didn’t reach the first time around. It appears that even North Korea is getting a splash of the wave. There are experts of North Korea that have opened up about K-pop’s popularity in North Korea. According to the insiders, North Koreans are going against the rules and are risking severe punishments by smuggling K-pop music, for instance, G-Dragon’s music in particular.

It was reported that Big Bang and G-Dragon’s solo work has been garnering a lot of popularity in the North. The reporter asked, "Is G-Dragon really that popular among teens and young people in North Korea?" And one of the panelists answered, "Oh yes, with the hallyu wave heading over to North Korea many young people are singing along to the latest K-pop songs. It's quite an astonishing fact." A report from North Korea stated, "In the 90s, they would often sing along to Kim Bum Ryong's 'Wind Wind Wind', but teens these days are singing to idol star's tracks like Big Bang and G-Dragon.'

How do civilians in North Korea smuggle the K-pop music? It was revealed that these North Koreans risk their lives to get a ‘Stealth USB’ which contains South Korea’s famous K-pop music and K-dramas. Despite the heavy restricted regulations, people are breaking rules to get their hands on one of the USBs’ to listen or watch a bit of South Korea’s music. A Stealth USB is similar to a USB however, when plugged into a computer the person must decrypt it in order to retrieve the content inside. 

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