North Korea Measles Epidemic Continues to Grow

kpride, July 10, 2014, 9:42 a.m.

The measles epidemic in North Korea is showing no signs of easing.  Instead, the measles are continuing to spread beyond Pyongyang, into other areas of the country.  Radio Free Asia reported on Wednesday that measles broke out in Yongchon in mid-June and is now reaching Sinuiju, both in North Pyongan Province on the Chinese border, despite authorities’ efforts to prevent the spread. 

There have been separate reports recently that the country’s capital of Pyongyang was also hit by the disease in June.  RFA quoted a resident in Sinuiju as saying that although travel has been controlled between Yongchon and Sinuiju, the contagious disease has been quickly spreading since last week.  A senior citizen and two children have died thus far. 

A quarantine has been declared for the two areas, and all train service has been halted there. But these efforts are of little help since most of the population is unvaccinated.  Pyongyang notified UNICEF of the outbreak last week and announced that it had started efforts to contain the disease. 


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