North Korean Capabilities Still Lag Behind South Korea More Than 35 Years

Michael Song, Jan. 18, 2016, 7:53 a.m.

Despite boasting of breakthroughs in its weapons capabilities, North Korea lags far behind South Korea in most other fields. According to a report released Sunday by the Korea Development Bank, the output of most Northern industries is barely 10 percent of their Southern counterparts'.

The report says that while the North's IT, tourism and service industries have shown some growth, its shipbuilding, auto, fishing and finance industries have in fact regressed. In terms of technology, North Korea is frozen in the 1980s. The lack of development can be seen in a recently released clip of a power plant being built on Mt. Baekdu. 

The clip shown on North Korean state TV shows makeshift wooden hovels instead of metal cabins for staff, and shovels and elbow grease in place of heavy machinery. The report says the North needs to improve its labor management practices and open itself to greater inter-Korean cooperation.


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