North Korean Rocket Close Call with Chinese Commercial Airline

kpopluv, March 6, 2014, 2:40 p.m.

North Korean missile ‘tests’ have become more dangerous day after day. This past Tuesday, a Chinese passenger plane has a very close encounter with one of the rockets fired by the North.

"A very dangerous situation" arose when China Southern Airlines flight CZ628 had passed through the trajectory where the North launched a rocket without warning. The civilian plane was headed to Shenyang from Japan's Narita Airport. They passed the zone where the missile was fired a mere 5 minutes after it’s the rocket was fired.

Ministry spokesman Kim Min-seok stated, "Such a provocation by the North poses a serious threat to international flights and the safety of civilians."

As far as specifics go, the plane was roughly 86km away from the trajectory, flying at an altitude of 10km which the missile flew to the 20km zone. The aircraft was carrying a total of 220 passengers as well as crew.

The ministry thus notified the Chinese Embassy's military attaché, and we are waiting for response. 

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