North Korean Tanker Spotted Fueling in Libya

kpopluv, March 10, 2014, 1:28 p.m.

A North Korean tanker was spotted refueling in a rebel-controlled port in Libya this past weekend. The ship received threats from the Libyan government to abandon their task and leave the port. The boat however ignored the warnings and continued to fuel.

The rebels are currently demanding greater independence from the government, and have already seized 3 major ports in eastern Libya this past year. The Libyan government is outraged at the rebels’ attempts to export oil themselves.

The North Korean Tanker, labeled the Morning Glory, began to load fuel at the eastern port of Sidra. Libyan Prime Minister Ali Zidan ordered the ships removal from the port by 2pm, or else all the ships members would be issued arrest warrants. The deadline was passed, and no further action was taken.

Although the tanker does carry the North Korean flag, sources have yet to confirm that North Koreas are actually aboard the ship.

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