North Korea’s Kim Jong Un Visits Air Force Unit

D-Bo , Oct. 31, 2014, 9:46 a.m.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un gave instructions to fighter jet pilots of an air and anti-air command, the official Rodong Sinmun reported.  He climbed into the cockpit of a pursuit aircraft, where he allegedly checked the equipment.  Kim promoted four squadron leaders on the spot for displaying their skills.

Kim has made nine visits to air force units this year alone. In April he arranged the first pilot competition.  A source said while the armies and navies of the two Koreas have engaged in various small-scale skirmishes over the years, the North Korean air force has no such experiences and North Korean pilots "are seized with fear" because they know the South Korean Air Force is vastly superior in terms of technology.

North Korean pilots are afraid that their superannuated MiG jets will be shot down immediately after take-off, a former North Korean air force officer now living in South Korea said. 

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