Nothing Found Illegal in Raid of Korean Air Family Home

Hyo Jin Lee, May 4, 2018, 7:55 a.m.

A raid of the house of Korean Air owner Cho Yang-ho on Wednesday turned up no smuggled luxury goods, though Korea Customs Service officials discovered hidden spaces in the house.

A KCS official said Thursday, "We found three hidden spaces and discovered a few items there, but none related to smuggling or tax evasion."

The Cho family would have had plenty of time to get rid of evidence after a first raid last month failed to find thee spaces. The fresh raid came after a tipoff that the house has at least two secret rooms.

Officials found the hidden chambers in the first and second underground levels of the home in the affluent Pyeongchang-dong district in northern Seoul. The third was found on a tipoff from a Korean Air staffer.

Korean Air in a statement on Thursday said, "The rooms identified as 'secret spaces' are just parts of rooms where anyone can find them and were used as storage, not to hide smuggled goods."

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