NS Yoon-G Makes a Sexy Comeback with "Yasisi" Music Video

Sensitive Artist, April 1, 2014, 10:28 a.m.

NS Yoon-G has been releasing some teasers with pictures and video clips for some time now, and finally the wait is over!  She has released the music video for her title track "Yasisi", as well as her mini album "The Way 2"!

Now we can see how all of the previous teasers come together to fit into the entire storyline!  The song itself features a very retro hip hop rhythmic sound which emanates sounds during the tango era and spiced up with a little bit of Latin sound.  The song is composed by SEION who is a part of the producer team Duble Sidekick.

After coming back from a year-long hiatus, the singer stated, "I want to thank the fans who are always cheering me on and have been waiting for this release... I did my very best to prepare for this, so please give 'Yasisi' a lot of love."

Be sure to watch the clip above to see the talented artist doing what she does best!

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