NU'EST confirms their contract renewal with Pledis Entertainment

Jun Ko, Feb. 1, 2019, 10:57 a.m.

On January 31st, NU'EST leader JR confirmed that NU'EST renewed their contract with their label Pledis Entertainment. He had shared a handwritten letter of the news onto their official fancafe: "Hello, this is NU'EST's JR. It's already been a month into the new year. Are you completing the goals you all have set at the beginning of the year? My members and I are working hard to keep each of the promises we made with you guys. The first promise is that we've decided to continue working under Pledis Entertainment in order to show more of our growth and improvement. We hope LOVEs will continue to congratulate and support us with positive thoughts. We're also concerned about the things that many of you are worried about. We will work our best to show a better side of us by respecting, considering, and trusting one another. To the LOVEs who've always been out strong foundation, NU'EST will become an encouragement to your daily life from now on. Please look forward to it. Thank you." 

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