NU'EST W grab 1st music show win!

Jessica Lee, Oct. 19, 2017, 9:57 a.m.

NU'EST W grabbed their first music show win with "Where You At" on the latest episode of "M! Countdown". The group was super happy about their win and expressed their thanks on SBS Radio Power FM's "Lee Kuk Ju's Young Street."

Ren commented first saying, "I'm thankful to the head of our agency and our staff. I'm most thankful to our fans and our parents, who are probably extremely happy right now."

Baekho said, "A lot of fans lent their strength and we'll all work hard to give that strength back to them. I still haven't calmed down from the win."

Aron agreed with Baekho, "It still doesn't feel real. I want to tell our fans how grateful I am. Everything happened because of the fans. Thank you all so much."

Finally, JR said, "I couldn't find the words to express my happiness. My knees went weak so it was hard to stand. I'm thankful to all the fans who cheered for us. It's because of their hard effort that I can be this happy. I want to say thank you."

Congrats NU'EST W! 

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