NU'EST W has one of their wishes granted this year

Jun Ko, Dec. 7, 2017, 9:58 a.m.

NU'EST W achieved one of their dreams this year. They had finally made their way to an award ceremony and had even received an award. Baekho had been heard repeatedly saying how his wish for the year was to be for NU'EST W to be invited to a ceremony. He didn't say anything about receiving an award; he simply just wished they could be invited to an award ceremony. They finally managed to fulfill that wish this year, never have been invited since their debut in 2012. 

They talk about their invitation to the award ceremony in an interview with '1st Look'. They stated that, "It was our first time in 6 years attending an award ceremony, and we even received an award. It was like a dream. Everything that happened this year is like a special gift. We thank fans and everyone who helped us get this award. We want to work hard to give gifts back to everyone and be happy for a while." 

Congratulations to NU'EST W for their wish being fulfilled and their award! Hopefully they'll be able to grow much bigger and receive more awards! 

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