Oh Min Suk Gets Jealous of Kang Ye Won's Ex-Boyfriend on 'We Got Married'

June Kang, Nov. 9, 2015, 10:58 a.m.

On the November 7th episode of 'We Got Married', actor Oh Min Suk expressed jealosy over his on-screen wife's ex-boyfriend who played basketball. While the on-screen lovebirds waited on their food to be delivered, Kang Ye Won mentioned that she used to play basketball with her ex-boyfriend.

Oh Min Suk then adorably responded in jealousy, asking, "Was he tall like Kwak Si Yang? I'm not jealous of his height. You dated a man who played basketball. Did you like it? Was it fun?"

The two also talked about their back hug from the previous week, when Kang Ye Won ran to embrace her virtual husband out of the blue. She asked, "Didn't I seem like a little kid?" to which Oh Min Suk reassured her, "I really liked that you gave me a back hug without warning."

Check out their adorable interaction below, here on Koogle TV!

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