Oh My Girl’s JinE States That She Was Diagnosed with Anorexia

Nicholas Kim, Oct. 10, 2015, 10:57 a.m.

Pretty much every girl groups go through a rigid and tedious dieting process before each comeback, and rookie girl group Oh My Girl is no exception. The group recently made their comeback with “Closer”, and they revealed  that they had a strict diet regiment during this current round of promotions as well.


Member JinE was reported that she took the diet too seriously and ended up being sent to the hospital, where she was diagnosed with anorexia. In an interview with TVReport, the girls of the group all said, "Dieting was the hardest."


JinE gave her own reason for dieting so much by saying, "I'm usually the type that gains weight easily. During our last promotions, I saw a photo of myself and it provoked me." JinE lost 9 kg (approx. 20 pounds) in two months, but she had a bad reaction and needed medical care.


She said, "I wanted to show a pretty side of myself during our 'Closer' promotions. That's why I recklessly starved myself, and chose protein-centered meals. I of course worked out too. I lost about 8-9 kg (17-20 pounds). But as I ate, and then didn't eat, I developed esophagitis."


JinE and the staff in her company were shocked when she began to show vomiting symptoms. Everyone knew that instead of losing weight, health was more important, and JinE was crossing that line. She ended up quitting her diet and eating healthier, and with the help of medical care her esophagitis was completely healed. JinE now is eating properly and has now increased her exercising.


In conclusion she said, "I will show a bright side of myself on stage. If I'm hurting, it worries a lot of people. From now on, rather than an unreasonable diet, I will healthily take care of my body." We think that she is pretty brave to announce this to the public, and we are relieved to hear that she’s healthier now. What do you think?

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