Old Video of Big Bang members predicting Seungri's future circulating the web!

Yumi Kim , March 14, 2019, 4:07 p.m.

There is an old 2017 Big Bang video garnering attention for its content about Seungri's current scandals. The video points to many ongoing allegations about Seungri. It displays the members predicting the future as they pretend to travel in time to the year 2022 and do a comic skit in regards to their future.

Seungri is the first to comment when he tells G-Dragon, "Hyung, congratulations on your wedding." 

Daesung then looks over to Seungri and says, "Seungyun, how have you been? We've been promoting as 4 members." 

Taeyang continues, Did everything get resolved well? You keep contacting me, and asking me to borrow some money," and later says, "Your ban on entering the country has been finally lifted."  T.O.P comments, "I'm sorry I couldn't answer your call." 

Do you think Big Bang was predicting Seungri's future? Check out the full clip below! 

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