Olltii Suspected of Directing Diss Track "OLL 'Skool" Towards San E, The Quiett, and Dok2

Sensitive Artist, Nov. 5, 2014, 5:39 p.m.

The former "Show Me The Money" contestant Olltii is currently under suspicion of dissing senior rappers San E, Swings, Dok2, and The Quiett in his recently released digital track, "OLL'Skool".

In the track, Olltii drops the line,  "I have a question for the professor. Why do you teach when you haven't even taken the teacher certification exam?

Netizens have come to the conclusion that the line specifically targets San E, who is nicknamed "Teacher San".

In another line Olltii says, "Lyrics filled with amorality that you think is raw you uneducated douchebag. There are no morals (do-duk) to back you up so your rap lyrics have no rationality." Morals, or do-duk as it's called in Korean, is a nickname that refers to rappers Dok2 and The Quiett.

According to a representative, it was stated that Olltii is taking jabs at the school system, due to the difficulties he faced from it while being a young rapper. The representative then stated that Olltii was making statements geared towards the educational system and said, "It's not belittling any particular person at all.

Olltii has been known to crack some provoking statements towards B.I and BOBBY during the lifespan of "Show Me The Money", due to their status as "idol rappers". You heard it here at Koogle.tv!

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