Onew and Jung Chae Yeon Visit Universal Studios in Singapore

Ben Cho, Dec. 28, 2016, 8:14 a.m.

The last episode of tvN’s ‘Eat Sleep Eat’ in Sentosa, Singapore, SHINee’s Onew and DIA’s Jung Cha Yeon all paid a visit to Universal Studios! The two look like two happy children who are just exploding with happiness and anticipation as soon as they arrive at the amusement park, starting their day off with water rides, roller coasters, shows, and more!


Onew was attempting to choose which rides to go on, while Chae Yeon was unable to hide how scared she was of getting on the roller coasters or getting drenched on the water rides. Onew also jumped into the choreography of dancers on the streets, bringing Chae Yeon with him. The two showed off their own dance skills and followed with the performers which Chae Yeon stated that she was still very uncomfortable performing in front of a public audience.


Onew listened carefully to Chae Yeon’s confession and replied, ‘if I'd come alone, I would never have done that either... and even the dancers back there, they made it fun for everyone.’ The show ‘Eat Sleep Eat’ then came to a close, having viewers wondering where the show would be heading next.

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