OnStyle Releases The TaeTiSeo Ep.2

casperschingoo, Sept. 3, 2014, 10:59 a.m.

OnStyle released the second episode of ‘THE TaeTiSeo’ which aired on September 2nd. On this episode, the girls talk amongst themselves about surprises that they’ve encountered during their times as celebrities.

Episode 2 opened up with a video clip of Seohyun before her days a SM Entertainment trainee and Tiffany was the first to comment. She said, "When I first saw Seohyun, she was so cute," and Taeyeon replied with, "To tell the truth, when I first saw Seohyun, I had no idea we would be in the same group.  People were with people their own age.  I didn't know I would be in the same group as Seohyun.”
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