[OP-ED] 10 fun-sized Korean dramas to watch when you're short on time

Adriana Cho, Aug. 1, 2016, 9 p.m.

Watching a long Korean drama can be a real time commitment, not to mention the emotional investment in the characters and story. Sometimes you just want something short to watch to take a break from your life, but don’t want to commit to watching a whole drama. These are perfect for those times and will keep you entertained despite their shorter length. 

1. 9 Seconds- Eternal Time (7 Episodes, each 25 minutes or less)

This cute romantic drama is about a young couple who becomes close after a chance meeting. Together, they discover a camera that can stop time for 9 seconds. The drama starts out sweet with the couple having fun with this new camera, but as time goes on, they face greater obstacles to their love and happiness.

2. The Secret Message (18 Episodes, each about 10 minutes)

A joint Korean-Japanese drama, The Secret Message, tells the story of a man and woman who both have had hurtful love lives in the past. Although they live in different countries, these two are able to connect over a messaging app despite never seeing each other. With beautiful cinematography and a famous international cast, this drama is one to put on your “to watch” list.

3. Never Die (5 episodes, each 15 minutes or less)

This drama is about a woman who is immortal and has been alive for two hundred years. When she “dies” saving a man from a car accident, then comes back to life, the two begin an odd relationship. Although a bit cheesy at times, this drama is perfect for when you have an hour to kill and is a cute watch.

4. Love Cells (15 Episodes, 7 minutes each)

One of the most popular web dramas, Love Cells, is about a man who hasn’t dated in years because his “love cells” are dried up. He seeks the help of a “love cell” cat that looks like a human and tries to start a romance with a top star. With cameos from Kim Woo Bin, Jang Hyuk and more, this drama is a fun way to spend your weekend. There’s also a sequel you can watch if you love the characters!

5. Splash Splash Love (2 Episodes, 1 hour 10 minutes each)

Another very popular web drama, Splash Splash Love, is about a high school senior on her way to take the Korean math SAT. Instead of getting the courage to take the test, she wanders off and ends up getting transported to the Joseon era through a puddle. There, she falls in love with the King and also gains the confidence she needs as she is the smartest person of that era. This one is very short with only 2 episodes but is definitely memorable.

6. Snow Lotus Flower aka Lucid Dream (2 Episodes, 1 hour each)

A more serious drama, Lucid Dream, can be a bit confusing, but is an intriguing story to follow. Mixing the modern, historical, and dream world, it tells the story of a man and woman who have strikingly similar dreams about being in love in the Joseon era. In the real world, they begin to work together and learn that they have both seen each other in their dreams. A very beautiful drama, visually and narratively, you will be glad you watched it.

7.  Ma Boy  (3 Episodes, each 1 hour)

In a funny gender-bending drama, Ma Boy, follows the story of a girl who dreams of becoming a singer but runs into a shocking secret when she meets her roommate. She gets roomed with the most popular star in school, famous for starring in commercials, but is shocked to learn “she” is actually a boy in disguise. This funny and cute rom-com is perfect to watch when you’re in the mood for something short and silly.

8. After School Lucky or Not (12 Episodes, 15 minutes each)

Starring the actor-singer boy group, 5urprise, this drama is about a quiet high school girl who suddenly is assigned to be the leader of a weird after-school club. In a series of missions, the girl experiences many different adventures and even gets a sense of love. This feel-good short drama will make you fall in love with these five flower boys.

9. Aftermath (Season 1: 5 Episodes, Season 2: 6 Episodes, 10 minutes each)

Aftermath is a thriller drama about a man who can see murders that will happen in the future. Because he can also see who the murderer and victim will be, he tries to use his power to help. This is an awesome pick for when you need to watch something exciting and suspenseful. There is also a bit of a love story and the plot is so interesting you could watch it all in one sitting.

10. Click Your Heart (7 Episodes, 15 minutes each)

With a unique “choose your path” format, this drama is one to watch when you want to have a little fun. Following the story of a high school girl who is pursued by different boys, you can choose which boy’s story you want to watch. It stars AOA’s Min Ah, and the four boys of trainee group NEOZ SCHOOL, so there’s plenty of eye candy to look at!

These dramas are so small you could add them all to your watchlist. What is your favorite short drama to watch? 

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