[OP-ED] 5 Trends That Are Staying Alive In Spring 2017

Matt Maraia, March 23, 2017, 11:31 a.m.

With winter coming to an end, most brands will start releasing their spring collections mid-February. We want to make sure you’re ahead of the game and stay on top of the style game. Here are 5 trends that aren’t going anywhere this spring, so if you haven’t caught on with the elite already, there’s still time before it hits the masses.

Berets picked up heavy this past fall and winter, and they aren’t going anywhere. It’s still a great accessory and brings so much more to an outfit than a simple hat ever could. All across Korea and Japan, bererts were atop every fashion-killer’s head, both guys and girls. Surprisingly, the trend hasn’t hit the states with such force quite yet, but you can expect to see much more of them this spring.

Orange. On. Everything. Last year soft-pink was everywhere, and while we won't be seeing it totally disappear this season, it will be outshined by orange. The mix of such a powerful color and heavy graphic play, is a winning combination this spring. Don’t be one of those people that jumps on board halfway through the year, get on board while it’s still early...kind of.

Abnormally-cut pieces will be big all year long but you’ll see a big push this first half of the year. However, we’re focusing on oversized garments. Especially elongated-longsleeve shirts, they’ll be an essential statement piece this season.

Girls, sheer tops and dresses are gonna be big. Whether you wear it on top of a regular shirt, or as a layering piece with a brealtter on top, or for the brave, with nothing underneath. We started to see this pick up at the end of 2016 but it was a tad too cold for most to pull off comfortably, so it makes sense we’ll be seeing it heavy this spring.

Oddly places graphics/patches on shirts, pants and everything in between.  From word play, to striking images, graphics are no longer meant for just on the front or back of a shirt.
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