[OP-ED] 8 Perfect K-Pop Songs That'll Help You Get Through College

Stacy Kadomasu, Sept. 16, 2016, 6 p.m.

Every real college student needs a signature song to match the campus mood. Whether you’re falling asleep on your notes in class, studying in a quiet library, or partying it up at frat row, no college memory is complete without the perfect song to match!

1. First Day Of School

An upbeat, preppy song for the perfect first day!

2. Lost On Campus

When none of the buildings look familiar and every person you ask for directions is being super ‘ambiguous’.

3.  A+ On Your Midterms

Awh, yeah! Aced your midterms like a #boss and like the queen of studying that you are!

4. D- On Your Finals

It’s ok; it’s not the end of the world. There’ll be other tests to make up for it, and the girls of TWICE to cheer you up!

5. First Party Of The Year

Feelin’ fierce and fine like Cheetah!

6. Sunday Morning Snooze

Let yourself doze off with the sweet voice of IU!

7. Monday Morning Dread

When even the thought of class has you ‘chained up’ to your bed.

8. Bad Hair/Makeup/Everything Day

Zion.T is right, you look perfect with or without trying!

Which song will you make a part of your college soundtrack?

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