[OP-ED] A Glimpse Into SHINee's World: Los Angeles

Sandy In , March 28, 2017, 11:15 a.m.

Was it a dream? Was it YouTube? Nope! It was reality! Last night was SHINee’s last stop for their SHINee World V USA 2017 Tour! Thanks to SubKulture, we were able to take a glimpse into SHINee’s World! The group performed 22 songs in total and also gave Shawols an encore! The pearl aqua blue ocean was definitely lit last night. Shawols were chanting in unison while anxiously waiting to see their favorite group perform.

SHINee gave Shawols a nostalgic feel when they performed a remix to their hit song “Replay,” gave a powerful performance to “Ring Ding Dong,” and brought the fire up in the house with “Lucifer."

Shawols were given a treat when Key sang a song from the hit movie, LaLaland. MinHo and Key even did a posed that correlated with the movie. Jonghyun’s long notes and high notes were one of the highlights of the concert. He is definitely a gem. TaeMin performed a breathtaking dance solo to “Sayonara Hitori (Goodbye), accentuating his talent. Leader Onew had Shawols fangirling with his adorable charm and beautiful vocals!

The concert overall felt like an illuminating dream. The visuals, the music, and their amazing performance made me feel like I was sucked into this beautiful warp and I didn’t want it to end. It wasn’t until the next morning I woke up to my SHINee World V media pass that I was assured that last night really happened. Shooked? Most definitely. Glad to have experienced SHINee's World with my fellow Shawols! 

Some of my favorite quotes from the night:

“SHINee reeaaaally likes In-n-Out” -Minho

“This isn’t YouTube, it’s real.” -Key

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