[OP-ED] Best Blood Type Compatibility Ranking (Romance ver.)

Crystal Kim, June 20, 2017, 5:24 p.m.

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 Are you and your significant other perfect for each other?

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 There is a list based on Korean blood type beliefs for the most compatible combinations for romantic relationships! Check out your matching rate!

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1. Blood Type ♀A and ♂O = 95%

 This combination is believed to be the most ideal and has the strongest compatibility rate.

 2. Blood Type ♀AB and ♂B = 90%

 This relationship will have its rocky periods, but each person will provide what the other person lacks.

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 3. Blood Type ♀O and ♂A = 80%

 The relationship will be strong for the most part as long as the girl lets things go.

 4. Blood Type ♀A and ♂A = 75%

 People think this relationship will tend to be stable.


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Blood Type ♀B and ♂B = 75%

 Each side will respect the other’s distinctive style and have a healthy relationship.

 Blood Type ♀O and ♂B = 75%

 The individuals will get along very well.

 5. Blood Type ♀AB and ♂AB = 70%

 A friend-like dynamic where both sides are very active in the relationship.


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 6. Blood Type ♀O and ♂O = 65%

 The girl tends to lead the relationship but she can feel lonely at times so the guy should try to be more active.

 7. Blood Type ♀A and ♂B = 60%

 The girl might have a hard time dealing with the guy’s stubborn personality.

 Blood Type ♀B and ♂AB = 60%

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 The boy is thought to be more indifferent and cool while the girl is passionate.

 Blood Type ♀AB and ♂O = 60%

 The relationship will be steady as long as personality differences are put aside.

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 8. Blood Type ♀B and ♂A = 50%

 A difference in opinions can lead to frequent arguments.

 Blood Type ♀O and ♂AB = 50%

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While generally things will remain peaceful, once a fight explodes all hell will break loose.

 9. Blood Type ♀A and ♂AB = 40%

 This relationship will most likely not work out unless the guy takes the lead.

 Again, these are all just for fun and nothing is scientifically based. Don’t rank your love on lists and horoscopes and instead focus on the unique and special person in front of you! 

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