[OP-ED] Celebrities who show a different side on variety shows

Adriana Cho, July 25, 2016, 9 p.m.

Although some variety show stars are known to be a funny person fit for variety, there have been a lot of breakout stars that people didn’t expect to be funny. While they may be serious in their main job as an actor or singer, when on a variety show, they turned out to be hilarious people. Here are just a few of them!

Kim Joo Hyuk

Actor Kim Joo Hyuk was a polished looking celebrity until he joined the case of ‘1 Night 2 Days’. Here he was as silly and goofy as a child, but it actually made people love him more. As the eldest of the ‘1 Night 2 Days’cast, Joo Hyuk made the show look more close-knit. He now left the show to focus on acting, but we will miss his kind hearted, sweet personality on the show!

Jung Joon Young 

Another fellow cast mate of ‘1 Night 2 Days’, Jung Joon Young is actually a ballad singer/rock star. His two types of music already show his two different sides of serious and rebellious, but on the show he reveals a lot more. Especially during times when he is terrified of ghosts or haunted houses, the serious bad boy turns into a cute, relatable guy. The ‘Superstar K’ contestant has an amazing voice, but is even better when you get to know the real him.

John Park 

Whether he is a guest on a variety show or hosting his own, John Park shows a much quirkier side than when he is singing. With his charismatic style and tall stature, the former ‘American Idol’ and ‘Superstar K2’ contestant has a beautiful, soulful voice when performing on stage with looks that make girls swoon. However, when he comes out on variety shows, his quirky personality makes him so funny to watch. He is often seen zoning out or asking nonsense questions that flabbergast everyone else.


Kang Gary

Gary was known as a very serious, emotional rapper before he made his variety show debut with ‘Running Man’. On stage, he is usually wearing sunglasses and showing off his tattoos while rapping deep and meaningful lyrics he wrote himself. But on ‘Running Man’, his looks are compared to that of a squid, and he is constantly bickering with Haha. He also chases Song Ji Hyo around and freaks out whenever there are female guests. This is far from his cool demeanor as a rapper, but it has definitely gained him an international fanbase!

Who is your favorite variety show star?

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