[OP-ED] Dazed Korea Features Sung Hee Kim!

Matt Maraia, Jan. 18, 2017, 10:19 a.m.

Kicking off her career in 2012, Sung Hee Kim, has been a force in the modeling world. Her first spot was for mega fashion house, Miu Miu. It also happened to be the first time Miu Miu used an Asian face for a campaign. She’s appeared in numerous issues of Vogue, spanning several countries. Sung Hee Kim, is featured in the latest issue of Dazed Korea, with a photo spread and video to go along. She looks incredible per usual, the hair (Ji Sun Han) and makeup artist (Hyun Jeong Hong) did a phenomenal job as did the video directors, Yeong Jun Kim, Sang Yoon Roh and Seung Jun Lee.

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