[OP-ED] EDM: The new era of K-pop

Stacy Kadomasu, Aug. 10, 2016, 6 p.m.

The addictive, bass-dropping beat of EDM has captured millions of people around the globe to pump their fists and jam out to their favorite dance track -- very much like K-Pop! It’s no surprise that the K-Pop industry has also embraced EDM is the past few years, with recent artists experimenting with the different genres within EDM, like house and dubstep.

Though K-pop has leaned on the electro-dance side for quite some time (think Super Junior’s ‘Sorry Sorry’ or T-ara’s ‘Bo Peep Bo Peep’), the most popularized EDM-style artist to truly pioneer the music movement in K-Pop is none other than worldwide phenomenon Psy.

Once people saw how ridiculously successful ‘Gangnam Style’ was, the K-Pop industry finally started to experiment with their old algorithm of easy-to-digest music and very little artistic risk, to create a whole new era of K-Pop!

Fast-forward to today, where almost all current K-Pop artists have released at least one major EDM track, with even veteran girl group Girls’ Generation releasing the beat-heavy song “Catch Me If You Can” despite their usual soft and feminine concept. Some artists have even collaborated with renowned DJs, such as Amber and Luna of f(x) and R3hab producing the dance track ‘Wave’.

Seems like EDM x K-Pop is here to stay, so here’s are some recent electro-dance tracks that you can enjoy right now, while you wait for the next great K-EDM song!

1. LUNA - 'Free Somebody'

2. NCT 127 - 'Fire Truck'

3. BoA x Beenzino - 'No Matter What'

4. BTS - 'FIRE'

5. 4MINUTE - 'Hate'

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