[OP-ED] Korea's Underground Music Scene

Sandy In, Jan. 11, 2017, 4:35 p.m.

South Korea has thrived in the entertainment industry for the past few years. With KPOP taking over worldwide, we tend to overlook the underdogs who have emerged from underground and has shone a new light upon us.

There are no barriers within the Korean underground music scene. Fellow Koreatown, Los Angeles, based rapper Dumbfoundead has collaborated with Korea based rappers like the one and only ssen-unnie Jessie, Microdot, and Lyricks. 

DEAN on the other hand, was only 16 years old when he began performing with Keith Ape. Later he signed with Joombas Music Group at the age of 20. He debuted in the United States at SXSW by performing his collaboration with Eric Bellinger titled, "I'm Sorry" in 2016. DEAN has performed at KCON LA and recently held a concert in Los Angeles at the Mayan Theater in 2016. He also featured on ZICO's track "Bermuda Triangle" alongside Crush.

Underground rap artists have had the opportunity to showcase their talents through survival shows like MNET's Show Me The Money.

Rappers like BewhY, CJAMM, Microdot, Flowsik, Reddy, G2, LOCO, and underground rap veteran P-type have taken this opportunity. It's not easy rising into the spotlight without being signed to a top entertainment company. The fact that these artists have garnered success illustrates their hard work and dedication. Korea's music industry is constantly on the rise. Many aspiring artists begin their journeys by performing live on the streets of Korea to creating a base for themselves. Living and breathing music is difficult and not exactly a secure career. You can easily fall and give up everything that you've worked for. That's why it's important to show love to our new and upcoming artists that are trying to rise from the underground scene.

Did you know that Zion T., Elo, Gray, Loco, and Crush started as a crew known as VV:D before being signed to major companies?

Or the fact that Dok2 literally started from the bottom and is finally living in luxury at the age of 26? He achieved his accolades by hustling and bustling his way through the music scene. Dok2 started his career at the age of 13 by writing and producing music for well-known Korean artists before being able to establish 1llionaire Records with The Quiett.

If you need a New Year's Resolution, how about discovering new artists that you didn't know about? These hot, up and coming artists are bound to make a splash in the Korean music scene! They have worked hard, so it's time that they deserve some recognition!

If you've read all the way to the end, comment your favorite artists and some song recommendations below!

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