[Op-Ed] Melona Monster Mash

Jamie Chu, Oct. 8, 2019, 3:04 p.m.

Scary Melona Stories to tell in the dark....... 

The Melona Monster

The Melona monster lived in a pitch-dark and unbearable cold place. He resided with lumps of ice, dead cows and chickens that reeked so badly. He often found himself alone hidden in the back waiting for someone to dare enter his home. Then one day he saw something entering his home through an opening, so he did what any monster would do -- take charge. The Melona monster jumped from the dark in full attack and was grabbed by a long hairy limb and was never seen again. 

The Coffin Curse: Melona Mummy

This is a story about a Melona Mummy who haunted those who dare open his coffin- or so he thought. For this Melona mummy never knew of the dangers outside his coffin as he was buried deep inside a cold chamber accompanied by his loyal army, who were all deceased. It was a dark and foggy night when footsteps were heard, scavenging and moving till a coffin was plucked. The mummy was confused as to who dare remove him from his place, but all he could see was a blurry dark wall. Minutes had passed and nothing had changed, the mummy was sweating and losing its shape. Tearing and ripping was heard from afar and popped up the mummy ready to spar. But something more terrifying was beginning to happen as the giant unwrapped the Melona mummy, and poof he vanished. 

The Terrifying Melona Dracula 

Come around, children, and listen well. For this is the tale of the dreadful end of the terrifying Melona Dracula! With their mighty powers and his mischievous bats, none dare enter the cold, icy graveyard in which they lived. But as strong and powerful as they were, even they held fears. They weren't always alone in the icy graveyard, you see. Every time daylight broke, their family was reduced one by one until they alone were left. And finally one day, they too met their end as once daylight broke, he was snatched up faster than the eye can see. Away went his form as they slowly disappeared piece by piece. 

The Legend of The Melona Pumpkin King

Now this is the story of a delicious Melona Pumpkin King named Ed. Left his pumpkin patch for a moment and when he returned, found his gang all gone. The only thing that was left behind were wooden sticks that resembled closely to one like his. "Who could have taken them", he thought to himself. But once he turned around, swooooooosh he too was gone.  

He's Alive: Melona Frankenstein

The Melona Frankenstein was created by an old scientist who wanted to invent something out of this world. He sought for perfection and constantly struggled to invent something to marvelous and magical. Invention to invention he went on till he achieved the best of them all.... Melona Frankenstein. He cared for it day and night and didn't want no one to see it for it was too tempting. One day Melona Frankenstein left and people saw him storming around. People were startled, they'd never seen anything like it.... till a little boy grabbed him and ate him.... 


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