[OP-ED] Plus Size models in South Korea!!!

Yubania Salcedo, Aug. 17, 2017, 5:43 p.m.

I have always believed that you cannot weigh beauty. It is so much easier for me to say this since I live in a country that is more accepting to all shapes and sizes. It's also quite common to see people on the heftier side than in countries like South Korea where the norm is to be petite and small. People in the heavier side have it hard in Korea. Not only do they struggle finding clothes, but they also get judged for being a bit thicker than others. When I traveled to Korea, I did not find any big people clothes. I didn't really see any plus size person. It was hard. However, there are two young plus size models that are opening up about being plus sized in Korea. They are determined to shed light into the positive body movement.


Yeom Yoon Hye is 22 years old and Bae Kyo Hyun is 23 years old. They’re determine to show Korea that you can be plus sized AND also pretty! These two beautiful, young girls became fashion models after winning 1st and 2nd place on a model contest by ‘J Style’, a plus size online shopping mall. Both girls have always had it difficult as they often had the ‘fat girl’ label and were made fun of by boys at school or when casually walking through the streets. One model in particular shared a horrific experience during school. She shared, "The boy students would laugh at me when I'm eating at the cafeteria. Since then, I packed lunch and ate by myself in the classroom." It is truly sickening that at such a young age these poor girls had to endure such bullying because of their weight.

I believe these two young women are amazing for bringing to light a huge issue in Korean society today. People come in all shapes and sizes and should not face hardship if they are not going with the flow. They have already become inspirational figures in the Western hemisphere so it is time that Korea praises them for what they are trying to do. They want to promote a positive body movement so ALL people can embrace their shape and size despite what the media and/ or society says a person should look. 

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