[OP-ED] Samsung's "The Frame" is the Future

Matt Maraia , April 21, 2017, 11:13 a.m.

Samsung just showed off the future of premium televiviosns in Paris this week. The tech giant featured a premium lineup of QLED TVs, the focus of the showcase, The Frame.  The Frame can transform into a literal art piece. Bringing a whole new technology with its “Art Mode,” the TV can be customized to show customized digital artwork when turned "off" rather than fade to a black screen.

Featuring 100 different styles of pictures to choose from, ranging from architecture, landscape, wildlife, drawings and more, in a variety of options for art layouts as well as colors. Plus, the TV itself looks like a framed picture, giving it a very subtle look, without the clutter and bulkyness of other units. This is every art collector's dream television, it'll blend right in with your collage of pictures. 

 Stay tuned for release details as we get closer to The Frame’s official launch.

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