[OP-ED] Seoul is Officially Dog Slaughter-Free

Jay Yim, Oct. 24, 2019, 2:51 p.m.

Some good news has come for dog lovers in Korea and all around the world too: all the dog-butchering businesses in the city of Seoul have agreed to finally put an end to the practice of killing dogs for meat.

A total of eight remaining facilities at the Gyeongdong Market and Jungang Market have put a stop to their operations, and three more have agreed they would stop within the end of the month.

Although they have made these promises to stop the practice of slaughtering dogs, they are not legally bound, nor are there any laws that ban dog meat or slaughter in Korea. This means, that at any point, they could decided to resume their operations.

Nonetheless, mayor of Seoul, Park Won Soon, will officially declared the city dog slaughter-free with animal right activists.

It does seem like good news, but there is still the question of whether or not this will reach the national level and finally ban dog meat altogether. As previously mentioned, these dog slaughtering facilities can at any time resume their operations.

Activists and dog owners can only hope that they will keep their promise, and if they work harder, they might be able to bring it to a national level and put a ban on dog meat and the facilities for good.

Dogs are known to be a man's best friend, so the thought of them being killed and eaten in Korea, saddens all dog owners around the world. I've had experiences of people making fun and criticizing the fact that Korean people eat dogs. But for me, I loved dogs, and could never imagine doing such a thing.

Sure, there will be other activists saying, "what about the cows? what about the pigs? what about the chickens?" I'm not saying that their lives are not important, and sure we can get our source of protein and alternatives to meat elsewhere, but it probably is the cheapest and easiest way to find it. Honestly speaking, I love meat too much to be able to give it all up.

Maybe if I ever had a close relationship with a cow or pig or chicken, I would feel different, but, I've had dogs as pets in the past, and currently, have two kittens. That's why hearing about this news makes me, and probably, the rest of the dog lovers around the world, happy.

All things considered, let's hope that the stopping of dog slaughtering facilities will trigger a domino of events, and eventually put an end to dog killing and consumption in South Korea for good.

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