[OP-ED] Still Suzy, Still BAE

Nicole Swayne, July 17, 2016, 3:23 p.m.

Living the fan girl life, we are regularly checking up on our biases and seeing what’s currently going on with them, what their new look is, if their current hair style is too outrageous, or whether a different outfit may have suited them better. We look up to and admire our favorite K-drama and K-pop stars for the glamourous way they look poised on the glossy cover of a magazine, or confidently posed in a video shoot. By constantly setting trends and defying the norm with iconic fashion statements, these K-pop stars become our super heroes. Entranced by their beauty, we as fans seek ways to incorporate these new movements and fashion-forward concepts into our daily lives.

Fan-favorite outfits like her crisscross black dress with sexy fishnet stockings and her bold, long-sleeve red crop top with matching scarlet leather hot pants prove that miss A’s Suzy Bae looks flawless in anything she wears. It was the way she carried herself that captivated many fans from the start – her innocent charm and down-to-Earth attitude. However, this year in particular, Suzy has been receiving much more negative remarks opposed to positive feedback from netizens.

Living in the public eye, life is not always easy. As musical artists, celebs are prone to constant paparazzi, receiving hate mail, and negative YouTube comments at one point. Suzy Bae does not usually receive this kind of attention. However, from her dating Lee Min Ho to something as simple as wearing a different outfit, netizens are becoming more critical of Suzy and her image. The bullying from “fans” has been going on way too long. At one point in 2014, it became so extreme that she filed a lawsuit against 38 netizens for their malicious comments, and ever since, they have not stopped bothering her. Rumors have even spread recently about her and Lee Min Ho’s alleged break-up.

Netizens have also been saying that her personal photos of being dressed in a nerd-style are “not the real Suzy Bae”, and that they don’t reflect what fans see on magazine covers like her Spring 2016 photo shoot for ‘Carin’.

Her more natural look shows the raw, every-day Suzy that few people get to see. Being dolled up most of the time, some fans admit that they do not even recognize Suzy in her awkward, every-day, “girl-next-door” look. Fans claim that when Suzy is not touring, she appears to look a bit nerdy in photos, especially the ones of her wearing thick-rimmed glasses. Some netizens defended her, while others called her “a major dork” in these photos. If Suzy is considered strikingly beautiful in any other glammed outfit, why should these outfits be any different? And if she does decide to respond to these comments, she still has her girls from miss A on her side and loyal fans supporting her.

The fabulous pop-star-diva image that celebs like Suzy have to always maintain often comes with a lot of pressure. Her nerd-inspired style shows that without stage makeup and high heels, a woman does not look any less attractive. The media often can give the target young adult audience unrealistic expectations about beauty. Suzy is a role model for insecure teens and girls everywhere to have confidence to be themselves, regardless of what the haters have to say and regardless of the standards of beauty that the media is trying to sell them. With the media constantly critiquing women, it is important for celebs and fans alike to be confident in their own skin and be themselves. Whether an outfit was a last minute decision made after three alarms went off in the morning, or is an outfit carefully chosen the night beforehand, your inner diva popstar is still there, and she’s waiting for you to acknowledge her!

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