[OP-ED] Taemin’s new single "Sayonara Hitori" has us wanting MORE!

Nicole Swayne, July 15, 2016, 3:14 p.m.

In the world of music, the ones who tend to be most successful can reach out to various audiences. Singers are always switching things up; creating a new sound each album and surprising fans with new music releases at every chance they get. And in the world of K-pop, Korean idols are not that much different. However, K-pop singers usually release their music in multiple languages, especially Japanese. This specialty gives artists an international edge.

SHINee is one boy group that has really evolved over time; from a fetus group singing the catchy “Hello” single in 2010 that melted our hearts to the grown-up male group performing a completely dance-worthy “Married to The Music” single released in 2015. And now in 2016, Taemin serenades us all with his solo in Japanese!

With “Sayonara Hitori” released last week, Taemin’s Japanese debut is finally here and it’s everything we wanted and more! Let’s face it, we can’t stop pressing the replay button! In this single, Taemin wears Japanese style clothing in his music video and tries to appeal to his Japanese audiences who listen to J-pop or watch Anime. Fans can also feel the passion in Taemin’s voice from beginning to end. He sings about a serious topic- the hurt that comes from saying goodbye to someone you care for and how heartbreaking it is to not be with the one you love. I can’t imagine who would break Taemin’s heart, but he definitely has it bad - constantly yearning for her touch and thinking about her wherever he goes; a familiar feeling for most.

Towards the end of the song, Taemin creates a hopeful tone suggesting that maybe they should both part ways for now to follow their own dreams, but it is only a temporary goodbye and they will meet again someday. This song is easily relatable to anyone facing a break-up or having unrequited feelings for someone. It’s important for people to have reassurance that they are not alone and there’s someone to understand them. Songs sure do have a way of capturing our every emotion with one chorus, one melody, and of course, one talented singer.

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