[OP-ED] Taeyeon's Beauty Evolution

Stacy Kadomasu, July 18, 2016, 6 p.m.

Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon has always been a baby-faced beauty known for her milky-white skin and bubbly charm, but she’s had some major beauty concept changes throughout her long and successful career. Here’s a timeline of some of Taeyeon’s iconic looks, and how each shift in style has led to the goddess singer that we know and love today!

The Beginning of an Era: Into the New World (2007)

This has to be one of the most important debuts in K-Pop history, with the girls’ fresh and energetic concept captivating the hearts of countless new fans.

Total Takeover: Gee (2009)

This was a game-changing time for Taeyeon, as she went from energetic rookie to the nation’s cutest popstar with the iconic song that swept the music world away!

All Grown Up: The Boys (2011)

Though not necessarily a sexy concept, this was definitely one of Girls’ Generation’s more adult songs, making it a distinct farewell to their girly-cutesy days and hello to the queen of K-Pop!

Glitz & Glamour: Twinkle (2012)

TTS’s debut was as dazzling as its song, and Taeyeon’s radiant glow was highlighted by the sparkly hair, makeup, and outfits.

Summer Comeback: Party (2015)

A bubblegum pop track that’s perfect for a sunny summer day, Party captures Taeyeon’s refreshing beauty and timeless charm.

The Solo of the Century: I (2015)

The entire K-Pop world cheered when Taeyeon finally came out with her solo debut song, with lyrics written by none other than herself!

Full-Fledged Solo Artist: Why (2016)

Recently, Taeyeon’s long-awaited solo comeback captivated fans everywhere, with a dreamy, carefree concept perfect for the summer season!

What kind of concept will Taeyeon dominate next?

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