[OP-ED] Togetherness at LAKFF

Jun Ko, June 28, 2018, 6:03 p.m.

The Los Angeles Korean Festival Foundation was founded back in 1974 by the early Korean-American community in order to stay true to their Korean roots within the United States. It is now seen to be one of the biggest methods in bringing awareness to Korean culture and traditions. With the United States being home to numerous different cultures, the Los Angeles Korean Festival does a fantastic job in bringing those of different cultures together. There is a definite sense of togetherness that comes from the Los Angeles Korean Festival with the variety of people that come to attend the festival. 

With the constant improvement that the festival goes through each year to make things new and exciting for all those that visit, it's definitely the place to bring your family and friends for an enjoyable time. From the various types of Korean food available to the cultural performances, there is a real sense of Korean festivity that runs through the air. But while Korean culture is the main focus, the LAKFe goes about their preparations with the idea of multiculturalism in mind, so that all cultures are able to enjoy the festival to the maximum. It's definitely the place to go to experience South Korea within the United States. 

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